Tradeboss Impex Pvt. Ltd.


Fresh Tomatoes, well-formed and firm with smooth, shiny surface are hand-picked in their mature, half ripe stage, so as to reach the final destination safely. Our company is known as the leading Exporter of Fresh Tomato. Tomatoes which are offered by the company, is used in almost every cuisine and it can be availed at reasonable prices from the company


Colour – Red round and oblong Tomatoes

Variety – Average and Big

Size – 30 to 70 mm in Diameter

Packing – 5 KG / 10 KG Corrugated Box (CFB)

Health Benefits

Good source of Vitamins


Good for Skin

Improves Vision and Boosts immunity

Nutrition Fact

1 medium (148 g / 5.3oz) contains

Calories – 25

Fat – 0

Carbs – 5g


Sugar – 3g

Protein – 1g

Vitamin A- 20%

Vitamin C- 40 %

Calcium- 2%

Iron – 4%