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We are well- renowned Fresh pomegranate Exporter in India. The Fresh Pomegranate provided by us, is highly acclaimed by the international clients, owing to its various distinctive features and superior quality. They are used to add flavor to many types of dishes. Our fresh pomegranate has numerous antioxidants, exotic citrus sweet and tar taste, crunchy texture, luscious smell, refreshing appeal, more flavorful, high in fibre and can be used in pomegranate jellies, pomegranate wine and processed pomegranate products. The most delicious Fresh pomegranate offered by us, is available at reasonable prices for the clients.


Scientific namePunica granatum

Color – Red

Variety – Bhagwa

Size – 300g & Above

About 15 %, 90-100 mm and 350-450 grams

About 35 %, 80-90 mm and 275-350 gr

About 50 %, 75-80 mm and 200-275 gr

Packing –3.5 KG, 8KG carton box as per requirement of the client

Health Benefits

Helps in weight loss

prevents cancer

Reduce stress level

Rich in Vitamins, Minerals

cures Diabetes

Nutrition Fact

100 grams of pomegranate contains

Calories – 83 (100 gm)

Fat – 1.2g

Sodium – 3mg

Potassium – 236g

Carbs – 19g

Dietary Fiber – 5g

Sugar – 14g

Protein – 1.7g

Vitamin C -17%

Vitamin B6 – 5%

Iron – 1 %

Calcium – 1%