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Lemon are the member of citrus family (citrus Limon) is an oval and oblong shaped bright yellow fruit with the bulge at the blossom end. We are the leading exporter of Seedless Lemon. Our Fresh Lemon is used by the widely spread international clients, owing to its juicy flavor and various health benefits. The Fresh Lemon is available at affordable prices with the company


Colour – yellow

Size – 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 cm)

Packing – 5 kg / 10 kg BOX

Variety – Average & Big Seedless

Health Benefits

Improves your skin

Freshen the Breath

It promotes Hydration

It helps in weight loss

Nutrition Fact

1 medium (58 g / 2.1 oz) Contains

Calories – 15

Fat – 0g

Sodium – 0mg

Potassium – 75mg

Total Carbs -5g

Dietary Fiber – 2g

Sugar – 2g

Vitamin C – 40%