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India is one of the largest producing country of Guavas with 41% of the world total Tropical Guavas are known as scientifically Psidium guajava they are the best tasting with the largest fruit with the most juice. These are the most frost tender guavas. We like to offer Guava with best quality and required quantity to our customers.


Common Name – Guava

Indian names – Amaruda, Amrood / Peru

Botanical Name – Psidium guavaja

Size – usually 4 to 12cm (1.6 to 4.7 in) long, are round or oval, 3-6cm

Weight – 28g-1.4kg

Color – Natural Green with deep pink pulp inside

Packing – 10 Kg Carton Box

Health Benefits

Immunity Booster

Prevent the development of diabetes

Heart Healthy

Good for Moms – to- be

Stress Buster

Nutrition Fact

100 grams of Guava contains

Calories – 62 (100 grams)

Total Fat – 1g

Cholesterol – 0gm

Sodium – 2mg

Potassium – 417mg

Total Carbs – 14g

Protein – 2.6g

Vitamin A – 12%

Vitamin C -380%

Vitamin B-6 - 5%

Calcium and Iron – 1%