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Ginger is known for its aromatic, spicy and pungent flavor. It enhances the taste of many food items. It is majorly used in Indian and Asian cuisines. It also has healing properties and it facilitates digestion. It clears a sore throat and nose congestion. Our variety of ginger is freshly plucked hygienically packed for their safe and secure delivery to the clients. Botanical Name Zingiber officinale Roscoe Family Zingiberaceae Commercial Part The rhizome


Colour and appearance- Yellowish Brown

Grade – Standard

Size – 3 feet in height

Packing – 25 kg / 50 kg jute bag OR as per buyer’s requirement

Health Benefits

Anti -Ageing Properties

Good remedy for nausea and respiratory disorders

Supports immune system

Nutrition Fact

Calories – 80 (100 grams of ginger) Contains

Total Fat-0.8g

Cholesterol – 0mg

Total carbs -18g (6%)

Dietary Fiber – 2g

Sugar – 1.7g

Protein – 1.8g

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin C – 8%

Vitamin b6 – 10%

Calcium – 1%

Iron – 3%