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These low-calorie veggies contain many nutritional benefits, including hydrating properties and valuable nutrients. Cucumbers are members of the plant family Cucurbitaceae. The most common type of slicing cucumber found in a grocery store is the garden cucumber, Cucumis sativus, according to World’s Healthiest Foods. Cucumbers are naturally low in calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fat and cholesterol. We always provide the best price in the market while maintaining the quality of course.


Color-Light Green, Dark Green, White

Packing – 5 / 10 kg Corrugated Fiberboard Box (CFB) OR as per Client needs

Size – 6 to 8 inch

Health Benefits

Hydrating -95% water

Promotes digestion

Flushes out Toxins

Helps in weight Loss

Nutrition Fact

Nutrition Fact (from FDA.Gov)

Cucumber (100 g/ 3.5oz)

Calories – 10

Fat – 0g

Sodium – 0g


Carbs – 2g

Protein – 1g

Vitamin A – 4%

Vitamin C – 10%

Calcium -2% & Iron – 2%