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Cluster Beans

The guar bean or cluster bean is definitely an annual legume, is definitely the method of obtaining guar gum. Guar could be consumed like a green bean, yet is much more essential as the original source of guar gum. Younger, fresh cluster beans have got a narrow as well as long body together with tiny pods. India is the largest producer of cluster bean (Guar) among 80% of the world’s population. Our company Offers the Fresh Cluster Beans at reasonable prices to the clients.


Scientific name- cyamopsis tetragonoloba (cluster Bean) or Indian guar

Color – Vibrant Yellow-Green

Size – 2-3mm in height, 4-6 inch in length with oval- shaped leaves & fine branching

Packing – 5 kg Corrugated fiber box packing or as per customer needs

Health Benefits

Cluster beans lower your bad cholesterol, levels thereby improving your heart health and lowering the risk of a heart attack. They also contain fiber, folic acid and potassium, which prevent you from developing heart complications. The iron in these beans increases your body’s hemoglobin production. Cluster bean are good at the time of pregnancy.

Nutrition Fact

Iron – 75.00%

Vitamin C- 55.56%

Phosphorus – 35.71%

Calcium – 10.00%

Protein – 8.00%